About us


What makes us unique and different to other baby linen suppliers or producers?

Well, a few things, for starters our baby linen is made from Egyptian Cotton.

Why do we use Egyptian Cotton?

Firstly, fabrics made of Egyptian Cotton are much softer, finer and last longer than any other cotton.

Since finer yarns means a higher thread count, the weave of fabric is significantly stronger and last a lot longer. The main difference between Egyptian Cotton and regular cotton is that they are made from different plants entirely, so they will never be the same quality.

Egyptian Cotton guarantees the highest levels of purity, and is said to be the best for those who struggle to sleep, as the fabric is more porous and therefore air can pass through, avoiding that stuffy feeling at night.

Why else are we different?

Well we don’t just make cot bumpers for the sides of your cot, we make them with you and your baby in mind.

We have come up with a design using Velcro on six individual bumpers along the two sides of the cot instead of the commonly used two long bumpers that are usually attached to the cot with strings or ribbon.  Once your little explorer starts sitting, tugging and standing on those side bumpers, you will see why our ingenious idea helps.

No more torn off strings, no more ripped bumpers that need to be reattached, and even a space in between for those who like to leave a hand or foot hanging out the bed.

Our bumpers are designed to stay attached to the cot and keep your bundle of joy safe and snug in their castle, without the hassle of reattaching a few times a day when they start exploring their world. They are also designed to be easily taken off and popped into the washed.

Sheepy Time Baby Essentials

Oh no, we’re not finished yet… Why else are we the baby linen company for you….

While some parents have a beautiful picture in their minds about how they would like their little bundle of joy’s nursery to look, this is not always possible… Often you cannot find the exact linen you want or even something remotely close to your theme…

Some parents struggle to agree on a theme and some don’t even know where to start… This can all be very overwhelming for new parents.

Good news! Look no further! – We are probably the only company that will sit with you and help you design the baby nursery of your dreams.

Send us your thoughts, your designs if you have, and we will make it work!